Friday, May 1, 2009

Finding the Golden Egg: 3/16/09

After months of dealing with online dbases and agencies, we decided to ask our clinic about their donor pool/protocols. It’s totally anonymous but we decided to submit our donor wish list anyway. I figured it would take months before they matched us and we could always decline. Two weeks later out clinic’s Donor Coordinator called us with a match! She sounded amazing. She went on and on about how smart she is, her course of study, education, hobbies, family history, physical attributes etc. She also said she was absolutely gorgeous. Now, everyone skirts around this but the truth is I was honest………….we wanted our donor to be very attractive. Yes, educated, well rounded, happy and matching ethnicity (some Italian) were top traits we desired, but VERY ATTRACTIVE was right up there!

We accepted the clinic’s anonymous donor match! In the end, I feel better that I never saw the donor’s picture. For me, I don’t need or want the image in my head. Coming from a control freak, I surprised myself. Now breathe.


  1. Hi - found your blog following a comment you left on another de blog. Congratulations on finding your donor! It is such a big thing, and (at least for me) it is like the donor isn't even in the picture anymore. I'm on my 3rd DE IVF cycle (probably) this June. Please feel free to check out my blog ( Good luck!

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