Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cycle Delayed 1 week -Today is an important day.

Lupron is a self injected medicine that helps synchronize the donor and the IP's cycle. It also helps prevent premaure ovulation. In my case, I no longer menstruate so synching is not required and I'm on a non-Lurpon protocol. However, my egg donor has been on Lupron since April 13th, which is the official date of our D-IVF cycle. The Lupron helps suppress her ovaries (empty). She had to self-administer these injections for about 2 weeks. After 2 weeks they checked her for suppression.

Unfortunately, she had still not fully suppressed after 2 weeks of Lupron. My RE decided to have ED continue Lupron for another week before starting stim meds. I feel terrible for her. Lupron is known to have side effects like mood swings and nasty headaches. I hope she's not in too much discomfort. I think of her, what she’s going through and this truly amazing gift she’s giving us - hope.

Tomorrow she goes in for another suppression check. It's a big day for us. If she's suppressed it's the best news possible and we move forward to the next phase of the protocol. Donor starts stimulating meds and I start Estrace and Patches!!!!!! Fingers crossed for me PLEASE!!!!!!!

BTW ~ the nurse coordinator is very nice and clear when it comes to my protocol. But when it comes to giving me the 411 on the donor's protocol, not so much. I didn't realize the donor would be on Lupron the entire cycle :/

Cycle Tip: If you're like me, very analytical and need to know what's going on with all parties involved with your cycle, make sure you have your clinic/nurse coordinator outline a "draft" protocol: yours and the donor. It helps keep you on track, make markups on the protocol list when dates/meds change, and makes you mindful of what stage in the process the donor is.


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