Tuesday, July 14, 2009

9w5d - Introducing Baby A and Baby B

First, I want to apologize in advance for being the world's worst blogger :/ Some of you have been reaching out via email and comments wondering where I've been. I'm so sorry I haven't kept you in the loop but I've been living in a place called "Nauseousville"...lol! I really can't complain too much because it hasn't been too aweful. However, 2 nights ago the nausea stepped it up a notch to include some puking. I know, not attractive.

I'm now 9 w5days pregnant and some times I still can't believe it. It feels like I'm living someone elses dream. But then I feel sick and realize...nope, it's mine all mine. :) I'm happy. I can honestly say that I'm truly happy. I haven't been able to say that in quite a long time. Is everything perfect? No. But for the first time all the other imperfections don't seem to matter as much. I'm holding perfection in my heart and it feels incredible.
I digress, so at 9w5d I'm feeling exhausted. All the time. Nausea is a constant visitor. One minute I'm dying for a cheese burger, the next I want to hurl at the look and smell of it. Despite this crazy relationship with food, I have managed to gain 3lbs which is great. I'm under strict doctors orders to gain more weight for the twins.

Last Thursday the pregnancy became more real. We were officially released by our wonderful RE. We met our new OB and couldn't ask for a better experience. Dr. G was very patient and down to earth. His speciality is high risk so we are in the right place. The first part of the visit consisted of a thorough and state of the art u/s (3D). It was a nice change from the ancient equipment they used at the RE's office. The u/s lasted about 30 minutes and we got see the babies move around and wiggle - it was wild. At one point it looked like Baby A was waving at us and my fiance got very emotional. Baby B was too busy posing for u/s pics - what a ham. The chicklets are the exact size they should be at 9w and the hb's are at 179 and 176. The tech and the babies made the u/s fun and exciting. BEST SO FAR.

Here's a pic of our twins. Sorry it's so blurry....we don't have a scanner. BTW, I think Baby B has balls.....I'm so inappropriate :/