Thursday, April 30, 2009

What now?

Last night I found blood in my urine and it sent me into complete and total panic mode. What now?! My donor is scheduled to start her stimulating meds on Monday and I'm slated to start Estrace next week too. The last thing I want is blood in my urine or anything else to happen here that could delay my cycle.

First thing this morning I showed up at the clinic to have my RE check me out. It's a UTI - Thank goodness that's all it is. He wants to monitor me going forward for infections and take preventative measures against future UTI's. It could damaging to embryos during transfer.

So here I my office feeling lower bladder pressure, uncomfortable, and edgy. But this too shall pass.


  1. Hello! Yes, I am on the June thread! I'll have to look you up on the May thread :) I'm sorry about the UTI! Ugh, nothing can ever be simple can it?!?! I can't wait to watch your cycle (& see you get pregnant)! Good luck!!