Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I decided to start "Diary" because I realized I'm not alone. There are many of us suffering through similar fertility issues - we just don't talk about it. For several reasons, many of us wish to protect our anonymity. For me, I'm undecided as to disclosure, so aka D-IVFGirl will work for now.

At times please expect this blog to be raw with emotion. I want to be true to the experience. It will certainly serve as a forum for my "hormonal" ranting when meds start. lol! And, expect some sarcastic humor here and there.

My hope is that this blog is used as a platform for sharing or simply a source for comfort for women living with fertility issues, entertaining the idea of DIVF, currently in a DIVF cycle, or post DIVF - or anyone else sensitive to the subject of fertility.

To this end, welcome to "Diaryof a Donor EGG IVF Girl"! And I invite you to share my journey toward finding my bliss!


  1. Come join us at (Parents Via Egg Donation). There are over 700 of us who are either thinking about, in cycle, or have become parents via egg donation:)

  2. PS -- My son via this process is now almost 8 and a half:)

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