Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I decided to start "Diary" because I realized I'm not alone. There are many of us suffering through similar fertility issues - we just don't talk about it. For several reasons, many of us wish to protect our anonymity. For me, I'm undecided as to disclosure, so aka D-IVFGirl will work for now.

At times please expect this blog to be raw with emotion. I want to be true to the experience. It will certainly serve as a forum for my "hormonal" ranting when meds start. lol! And, expect some sarcastic humor here and there.

My hope is that this blog is used as a platform for sharing or simply a source for comfort for women living with fertility issues, entertaining the idea of DIVF, currently in a DIVF cycle, or post DIVF - or anyone else sensitive to the subject of fertility.

To this end, welcome to "Diaryof a Donor EGG IVF Girl"! And I invite you to share my journey toward finding my bliss!


  1. Come join us at (Parents Via Egg Donation). There are over 700 of us who are either thinking about, in cycle, or have become parents via egg donation:)

  2. PS -- My son via this process is now almost 8 and a half:)

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! I was diagnosed with PCOS 7 years ago. Unfortunately treatment didn't work at all. So the only solution was using donor eggs. Now I'm in the very beginning of the process. We've just came back from Ukraine. We've already chosen donor. Our program coordinator sent us 3 variants by mail. We wanted our donor to look like me. So we asked our doctor to find donor with my features. We sent list with desirable phenotype of donor to our program coordinator. We chose lovely girl, who looks similar with me to be our donor. It was important for us the clinic to check donors carefully. I read so many stories about donors with genetic deseases. That was so sad and horrible. Children born with genetic deseases only because of doctors negligence. We were really afraid that doctors might miss something. I really want my child to be healthy and happy. I don't want him/her suffer during whole life because of physical and mental pain. We all know how cruel can be other children and how they bulling kids because they are not like others... Our doctor told us they check not only donors, but their relatives too. So there is no risks of genetic deseases and not only. So, it was our second visit to Ukrainian clinic biotexcom. We were in Ukraine during 6 days. We had sperm pick-up, fertilization of donor’s eggs and embryos transfer into my uterine cavity. We were met in the airport. Then taxi was transporting us to the clinic and our apt. We were provided with cozy accommodation and food supply. There were so many people in the clinic! I should there was literally crowd! Even bigger then during our first visit. I'm sooo nervous! I hope everything will be fine. Can't wait to do pregnancy test! Though we have 4 more tries, but I hope this one is successful!